Startups are hot — again. Valuations are nuts — again. Fortunes are being made — again.
“There are the same kinds of opportunities out there today that made the Yahoos and the Googles into what they are,” Gill says. “We are just at the beginning of the Internet revolution. Now’s the time to give it a shot.”
Some observers see not a boom but a bust in the making. The Economist magazine, for instance, cited the $2.6 billion price tag on eBay’s buyout of Skype, which has never earned a dime, as a prime example in an article headlined “Bubble 2.0.” But many other longtime observers say the evidence favors the perspective that this is not another short-term run-up to a bubble, but part of a longer-lived phenomenon—the advent of the Internet era—that has already created several historic companies and will churn up many more