In trying to explain to my cynical friend why I don’t agree with him, I was actually a little stumped at one point in recalling some simple ways to illustrate why Web 2.0 is different to Web 1.0.

….This afternoon, I was in a Skype discussion ….and part of our conversation strayed into a discussion about Web 2.0. Understanding web 2.0

I actually used WEB1.0 TECHNOLOGY (Email and Mailinglists) to produce BLOGS!!! OH NO!

How can that be, how can I use an excellent editor of my choice and write comfortably with all the necessary amenities and still blog? Even better I don’t need to use some dumb proprietary blogging program. I can use the power of my fully featured email client. With a mailinglist I have submission control handled for me and it allows multiple posters to work together to produce posts! OH NO SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY ALMOST AS OLD AS YOUR PARENTS. Too bad too many of the Web2.0 weenies are too inept to use and interface with technologies people know how to use @_@. If you want me to use flock, let me use my editor, it is real. Has arrived.